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Corona Avoidance Blend ~ a dark roast of Central and South American beans that makes a delicious espresso but is held back enough to retain the complex flavors of a medium roast.


Colombian ~ this bean features sweet, clean aromas of fruit and cocoa, with a nicely acidic flavor of chocolate and dried fruit.


Peruvian ~ floral aromas of almond, cashew, and chocolate, with flavors of dark chocolate, bright citrus, and maple syrup.


Guatemalan ~ sweet, nutty aromas of cocoa and vanilla, with a consistent, clean flavor of almond, citrus, and cocoa.


Sumatran ~ floral, fruity, and sweet aromas of vanilla and pipe tobacco, with rich, lush, and smooth flavors of black cherry, tobacco, and cocoa.


Mexican Chiapas ~ this bean boasts refreshing and light citrus and almond flavors.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ~ delicate, tea-like aromatics and clean citrus flavor.


Peruvian Swiss Water Processed Decaf ~ bold body with almond hints at the start which smooths out with flavor notes of chocolate and sweet cream at the finish & processed without chemicals.

Not sure which bean is your favorite? Try a sampler pack! You will receive six 4-ounce bags including Colombian, Peruvian, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Mexican Chiapas, and Guatemalan beans or ground coffee.


Send a message if you would like a combination of roasts or to include Peruvian Decaf.

Suz's Sampler Pack

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